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Matrix Tooling Systems has earned a reputation for quickly and economically producing parts

Matrix Tooling Systems has earned a reputation for quickly and economically producing parts that defy traditional manufacturing techniques that are ultra fine.

Engineering assistance with complete CAD support is available at every step of the development process to ensure the creation of a cost effective EDM design.

Once a design is approved, the EDM job is entered into our computerized planning and scheduling system. The system enables us closely monitor the project progress by providing timely status reports, and maintain tight delivery schedules.


Wirecut process - Wirecut EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is a thermal machining process. Sparks discharged from a small-diameter, tensioned wire erode the workpiece without any contact between the tool and the part produced. This process produces a straight, narrow-kerf cut. The slowly moving wire brings a fresh, constant diameter electrode to the cutting gap, thereby enhancing kerf size control. The dielectric is deionized water under pressure, introduced through concentric nozzles at the top and bottom of the workpiece. As the wire discharges sparks for thermal machining, the table on which the workpiece is mounted moves to generate X and Y coordinates. Here, small pulse increments (in the order of 1 micron) assure accurate cutting. Wirecut EDM can be up to a five-axis process.

High Precision-Close Tolerances-Complex-Multi Axis, Super Finish Wire EDM-Innovative Wire EDM Service.

Precision Wire EDM machining provides accuracies to +/- 5 micron and superior surface finishes. Our wire EDM machining services are an extremely accurate method of producing a part for high quality, close tolerances. Wire EDM technology is a critical aspect for advanced superior tolerance of parts, repeatable and extensive tooling with ultra fine finishes.

Capabilities Wire EDM Services

  • Wire EDM cutting tolerances are held to +/- 5 micron
  • Offering 3 dimensional EDM cutting that are highly accurate


Small & Micro Hole Drilling

We strive to go beyond our customer's expectations with leading edge technology with advanced EDM micro hole drilling, EDM small hole drilling and high speed drilling. We help solve our customer's requirements in manufacturing through our highly trained personnel.

  • EDM Drilling Tolerances: held to ± 0.1 mm
  • EDM Drilling Diameters: small as 0.3 mm
  • EDM Drilling Deep: 250 mm
  • EDM Drilling Thickness: up to 250 mm thick

EDM Hole Drilling Materials

soft aluminum to hard carbide metals

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Hastaloy
  • Kovar
  • Carbide
  • Inconel
  • Hard tool steels
  • Any conductive material

Wire Cut utilizes maximum expertise in the technology and engineering of EDM small hole drilling.

We meet and exceed our customers specifications with EDM hole drilling, small and micro applications. Including EDM micro hole drilling with burr-free results