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Our Machinery

We are proud to continue this tradition by bringing to the marketplace a broad collection of machines


VZ500L, specially designed for versatile machining needs

Medium size handy machine, specially for job shops to machine variety of components virtually of all sizes from part machining to mould making, equipped with all Sodick’s major features like linear motor drives, linear scales and ceramics are standard to ensure high speed and precision machining. In addition to this the functions such as, Heart-NC on board programming, advanced corner control, automatic float control, new power supply with perfect active control discharge technology are standard.

Specification Description
Machine Name SODICK
Model No. VZ 500 L
Quantity 1
Work tank inner size (W x D) 990 x 750 mm
Max.size of workpiece(W x D xH)-Submerge 960 x 670 x 230 mm
Max. size of workpiece (W x D xH)- Flushing 960 x 670 x 245 mm
Max. weight of workpiece - Submerge 700Kg
Max. weight of workpiece - Flushing 850Kg
Axis travel (X x Y x Z) 500 x 350 x 250 mm
Auxiliary table travel (U x V axis) 80 x 80 mm
Wire diameter Ø0.15-Ø0.3 mm
Taper angle / thickness ±15° / 120 mm
Machine tool dimensions (W x D x H) 2300x2590x2040 mm
Machine tool weight (without Dielectric Tank) 2950 kg
Power consumption (3 Ph. 50/60 Hz) 11 kva
Dielectric fluid capacity 840 liters
Max. machining current 32A


Latest Generation, High Speed EDM wire cut machine

Latest Generation, High Speed EDM wire cut machine from FANUC, Japan, which can serve your purpose of very precise machining.

Specification Description
Machine Name FANUC
Model No. alpha-0iDE
Quantity 3
Work tank inner size (W x D) 990 x 750 mm
Maximum Workpiece Size 1117.6 x 820.42 x 307.34 mm
Maximum Workpiece Weight 1610 kg
Table Travels ( X & Y Axis) 599.44 x 398.78 mm
U & V Axis Travels +/- 3.937"
Z-Axis Travels 309.88 mm
Maximum Cutting Speed (Brass Wire) 31.0 in/sq per hour
Table Feedrate 1-50 IPM
Wire Diameter 0.1016 - 0.3048
Maximum Wire Spool Weight 16 kg
Wire Feedrate 0-590 IPM
Wire Tension 200-2500 grams
Positioning Accuracy +/- .0001"
Approximate Machine Weight 3040 kg


Latest Generation, High Speed EDM wire cut machine

The rapid drill electric discharge machine has the following prominent features:

  • small hole drilling in hard metals

  • both brass and copper electrode tubes can be used

  • large drilling range

  • tap water is used as dielectric fluid

  • granite work table ensures longer life

  • precision dc servo control to maximise drilling

  • stability and speed

  • compact footprint

Specification Description
Quantity 1
Work table 450 x 300 mm
Table Travels ( X & Y Axis) 350, 250 mm
Z Axis Travel 350 + 300 mm
Max. Electrode length 400 mm
Size of electrode dia. 0.3 ~ 3.0  mm
Max. drill depth >= 300 mm
Max. coolant pressure 6 MPA
Maximum Workpiece Weight 350 kg
Connectede load 3 kVA
Work tank 800 X 450 mm
Input power supply 3 phase, AC 415V  , 50Hz
Net weight 750 kg
Machine footprint 950 X 850 X 1980 mm
Max. machining current 30A
Job material Steel/Brass/ Aluminium/Carbide/other conducting metals
Dielectric Tap water/Coolant soap
Max. drilling speed 20 - 60 mm/min